Bengaluru one of the top tech hubs across Asia-Pacific, Beijing tops

Bengaluru is close behind Beijing as one of the top tech hubs across the Asia-Pacific, followed by Chennai, Hyderabad, and Delhi is driven by talent and sustained demand for quality office spaces from domestic and multinational companies said a report by Cushman and Wakefield.

The country has added more than 500,000 jobs in IT over the past financial year, the study said.

Globally, 46 top tech markets were identified from more than 115 tech cities in total and six of the 14 cities in the Asia Pacific region were in India. Bangalore also saw the tech sector accounting for an average 38%-40% share in annual leasing, higher than the national average of 35%, said the report.

Hyderabad, home to Microsoft and Facebook, has more than 44 million square feet of office projects under construction nationally. Another southern city, Chennai is the second largest software exporter and one of the largest data centre markets in India. Experts say that the growth in tech leasing would continue.