OnePlus Nord Watch Leaks Multiple Variants ahead of Launch

OnePlus is planning to launch a budget-friendly smartwatch called the Nord Watch, which will likely come in multiple shapes and variants.

Tipster Mukul Sharma is claiming on Twitter that OnePlus is gearing up to launch a new audio product and a few AIoT devices.

OnePlus is preparing to launch a new Nord-branded smartwatch. Rumors about the OnePlus Nord Watch have been doing rounds for a few months now. It appears that was just one of the six OnePlus Nord Watch models.

The company plans to offer its second-gen smartwatch in six different designs: two with rectangular dials and four with circular dials.

As it can be seen in the leaked renders, the two rectangular OnePlus Nord Watch models will differ significantly in size. The smaller model reportedly sports a 240×280 resolution display. The other comes much larger with a screen resolution of 368×448 pixels. Both feature a single circular controller on the right, though the design of that differs as well.

Moving on to the circular OnePlus Nord Watch, there are two sizes here as well. The smaller watch features a 240×240 resolution display and comes in two models. One of them looks like a standard smartwatch with a circular controller on the right. But the other has two of them, with the top one getting a red accent around it. This model appears more sporty. By the looks of it, OnePlus is looking to offer a low-cost rugged smartwatch.

That appears truer when we check out the bigger circular OnePlus Nord Watch, which gets a 390×390 resolution display. There are two models of this as well, and they both feature a pair of physical buttons on the right. But one of them sports a seemingly stronger build, with complementing straps.

OnePlus didn’t have the best entry into the smartwatch market. Its first-gen OnePlus Watch wasn’t received too well by reviewers, including ourselves. It had a lot of limitations that couldn’t be overlooked. But the company isn’t shying away from having another go at wrist wearables. It is now preparing to launch multiple low-cost smartwatches under its Nord series.

As said before, the OnePlus Nord Watch has been visiting the rumor mill for a few months now. It has also picked up a few regulatory certificates during this time, hinting at a nearing launch.